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From February 6th to 10th, we held the second meeting of our project 4C’s: Learning 4 Tomorrow. Titled Hand in Hand for 4C Towards the Future, this was a short-term exchanges of groups of pupils that brought together students and teachers from Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Finland, Spain and Lithuania.

The meeting took place in Cento (Ferrara), Italy, and was organized by our friends from Istituto Comprensivo 2 Giovanni Pascoli.

A fantastic group of students and teachers gathered in Italy from 6 to 10 February.

The students and teachers from Portugal were lucky because they arrived a day early and were able to spend the day visiting Penzale school.

On the first official day of the meeting, all participants were warmly welcomed to the school at Corporeno. After visiting the school and being welcomed in some classrooms, students participated in the workshop Hackthon for future – the 2030 agenda. From short stories, students built characters and scenarios using waste materials, thus promoting creativity and encouraging recycling.

After lunch, while the work meeting between teachers was taking place, students made short videos using the “stop motion” technique with the materials used during the morning. This activity allowed collaborative work between the various partners and served as an approximation and first contact between children of different nationalities.

Click to see the short stories and movies.

At the end of the afternoon, all the partners took a walk through the historic streets of the city of Cento, where they could admire the magnificent buildings, the hospitality of their people and the daily life of the city.

On the second day, we went to the school in Penzale where, during the morning, the students made a carnival mask that is lit by electrical circuits.

It was a very fun activity that brought together students and teachers from different countries side by side.

After lunch, the whole group visited the exhibition “Emozione Barocca. Il Guercino a Cento” at Pinacoteca San Lorenzo. Through the explanations of the exhibition guide, we all learned a little more about the genius of that 16th century painter, born in Cento.

Then, the students and teachers went to Rocca Castle where the pupils participated in a workshop simulating Guercino’s work, using oil on canvas.

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Dinner was another moment of conviviality. Held at Penzale school, it was sympathetically offered by the parents of our host students. At the end of the night, it was possible to watch the great musical show at Pandurera Theater, starring the students of Istituto Comprensivo 2.

On the third day, we visited Partecipanza Agraria de Cento where we learned a little more about this ancient form of collective organization of the land and still in use today. We were magnificently received by the members of that association who presented us with historical dances in the end (click to see article).

Click to see some images and videos of our visit to Partecipanza Agraria di Cento.

During the afternoon, we visited the Museo Ferrari, in Maranello, where we learned a little more about the history of this iconic car brand. We saw up close some of the current and former automobile milestones.

Before the delicious traditional Italian dinner, we visited Acetaia and Dispensa Leonardi, near Modena, where we tasted the wonderful balsamic vinegar.

On the fourth day, in the morning, students from Portugal and Turkey visited the center of Cento and participated in the activities that took place there in preparation for the carnival parade. They even had the opportunity to make a small live appearance on a local television broadcast.

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During the afternoon, all the partners watched the magnificent Carnival Parade. It was a show with a lot of color, animation and spectacular floats. This parade was the first of five that are repeated every Sunday during the Carnival season and that fills the historic streets of Cento, leaving everyone amazed.

Click to see some images and videos of the Carnival Parade.

On the last day, we visited the beautiful city of Venice. We walk through its alleys and squares, admire the canals, ride on a gondola and visit the magnificent Basilica S. Maria Gloriosa dei Frari (click to see photos) that contains eight centuries of art. This wonderful day ended at the imposing St. Mark’s Square.

In the evening, a farewell dinner was held, which ended an unforgettable visit, with a lot of history, full of many emotions and new friendships.

Thank you Italy for this experience!

The photo gallery of the meeting in Italy can be seen clicking here.

Learning 4 Tomorrow

is a project that focuses on cooperation and exchange of good practices between schools. The main goal of the project is to promote 4C’s (Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication). The project unites primary schools from LithuaniaFinlandItalySpainTurkey and Portugal.


Eduardo Soeiro · February 14, 2020 at 10:10 pm

Excellent meeting and very well organized! We were always accompanied and surrounded by sympathy 🙂

Canan KARADERE · February 15, 2020 at 4:50 am

It was an amazing meeting with fabulous people… We are grateful for every single work and friendship ❤️ Great thanks to the fantastic Italian team???

    Giuliana · February 16, 2020 at 9:39 pm

    Thanks for your nice words.
    You know better than me that these project bring together worlds, only apparently distant. We have in common curiosity, the desire to know, to explore, to test oneself and to experience exchange, encounter, as a way of enrichment and growth. Thanks for your professionalism. See you soon.

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