HACKTHON FOR FUTURE – the 2030 agenda

Realization of a storyboard and a short movie with “stop motion” technique using settings and characters built with waste materials and easy to consume, stimulating creativity and promoting reuse.


Martino was a happy boy. He liked drawing so much, he always carried a sketchbook, a pencil and an eraser with him. One day he went for a walk in the woods.

He walked down the path and then stopped on a bench to draw. He realized he was wrong. He looked for the tire, but didn’t find it. Angry, he tore the sheet away, rolled it up and threw it on the ground.

 The crumpled sheet of paper reopened as before. He got to his feet and, walking like a robot, approached Martino and touched Martino’s leg. The sheet said to him: “Hey, you! Why did you throw me on the ground? Do you know it’s a huge mistake? “.

Martino exclaimed: “Sorry, but I didn’t know! Can you tell me why I was wrong? “And Foglio replied:” Gladly, the first reason is simple: you should not dirty the woods with waste paper, or plastic or glass bottles. It hurts trees, flowers and even animals. Another reason is that I am a sheet of paper and if it is too hot I can also catch fire; these trees would burn with me in a second. There is an even more important reason: a sheet of paper is made with the wood of the trees, for this reason many trees are cut. However, there are those who have created containers to throw away the paper used to regenerate it and then be able to reuse it: in this way many trees are saved. “” You understand now, why don’t you have to throw me on the ground? “. Martino had understood correctly and was also a little ashamed, but no one had ever taught him that a piece of paper could still be useful. He picked up the paper, rolled it up again and put it in his pocket. As he was returning home, he found a container for the paper and threw the sheet, which falling said: “Thanks, you did the right thing!”.


Once upon a time there was a green glass bottle that had been lying on the roadside near a bush for many days now. Every time someone passed on the sidewalk, the bottle started to complain, with the hope that someone would notice her, but everyone pulled straight pretending not to hear her moans.

One day, tired of being ignored, she started to cry. A strolling boy looked around trying to understand where the complaints came from. When he saw the crying bottle he exclaimed: “Ah! But then you’re the one who’s crying! How come?” And the bottle answered between sobs: “I’m crying because I’m tired of staying here on the ground. This is not the right place for me and nobody understands it!”. The boy asked, “But how did you get to this place?” “Simple!” – exclaimed the bottle – “I was thrown here a long time ago!”. The curious little boy asked: “Why are you complaining only now, after so many days if you are here?”. “I complained every day, but everyone who passes by pretends not to see me. So today I started to cry and you heard me. Luckily you noticed me!”.

The little boy smiled and asked, “But what can I do for you?” “You should pick me up and throw me in the glass bin!” Replied the bottle. The boy, however, replied saying: “But why do I have to do it myself? I wasn’t the one who threw you there! ”. “You are right! It is true that you did not throw me here, but you can set an example for others by collecting and throwing me in the glass recycling bin. If you don’t do it, I will continue to stay here polluting the environment and if I had to shatter into many pieces someone could be cut with my splinters! If, on the other hand, you put me in the appropriate bin, I can still be useful, because my pieces of glass can still be transformed into bottles or other objects. ” The boy then admitted: “You’re right … I hadn’t thought of that!”, He picked it up throwing it in the glass bin and returned home satisfied to have done a good deed.


It was a dark night and the moon was covered with dark clouds. Nelly, a beautiful plastic doll, knew that her end was approaching. Nelly had long golden hair and blue eyes like the sea; her mistress Clara had desired her so much that her mom had decided to give it to her for Christmas. Clara was very happy with her doll: every day she combed it, dressed her, cuddled her and showed her to her friends.

For years Nelly had been Clara’s close friend, but now she was no longer a child. By now a girl, Clara was forced to tidy up the bedroom to make room for school books. Clara believed in separate collection, her mom had taught her that it was important to do it to have a clean world and to be able to give old games a new life, so she took Nelly and put it in the plastic separate collection bag. Together with the other plastic toys, through an extraordinary transformation, Nelly was recycled and came back to life as a new, technological doll, which was given the name of Gisella.

Now Gisella had sports clothes, gym shoes and on her shoulder she had a beautiful backpack. Christmas was approaching and Clara decided to give her cousin Giulia a special toy. In a shop she saw Gisella who reminded her of her beloved Nelly, so she held her tightly to her chest and felt as if by magic the recycled plastic heart of her Nelly beat for happiness. Gisella, just like Nelly, became Giulia’s best friend and lived happily ever after and recycled.