About Lithuania



  • It was opened and called “Kelme’s The Third Secondary School“ in 1986.
  • It has got school’s museum since 1997.
  • It was called Kelme “Aukuras“ Secondary School since 1998.
  • It has got the parliament of students since 2000.
  • It has got an anthem since It was created by the school’s teachers of Lithuanian (M. Klimasauskiene) and music (I. Janusauskiene).
  • It is the member of the program “Nature Friendly (Eco) Schools“ since 2005.
  • It has been using Waldorf pedagogy methodology elements since 2011.
  • It is called Kelme “Aukuras“ Basic School since 2013.
  • It has been organising the educational week for parents “I Care” since 2016.
  • It is bilingual in English (obligatory 1st foreign language) and German/Russian (optional 2nd foreign language).