Virtual Field Trip to Galaxy

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3D Solar System Model: by using Nasa-Earth Now apps students will explore the solar system. The students will have the chance to make a trip through galaxy to learn about the planetary neighbourhood from their classrooms with navigational apps. At the end of the activity, students will create 3D solar system models. Students will understand content more deeply and learn how to take responsibility and build confidence, solve problems, work collaboratively, communicate ideas, and be creative innovators.

Students from Finland first decided what kind of model to make. Then they painted the balls to the Planets and the Sun. Finally the Sun and the Planets were glued in the correct order.

Virtual Trip to Galaxy is one of the desiring activities that pupils of Şehit Ahmet Birkaç İlkokulu were looking forward to. 3rd and 4rd grade students have taken part in the task. We started the activity by using the navigational application of Nasa (Nasa Earth Now). It was quite fascinating for students to observe the solar system so closely, like a real navigation. They click on the planets to see how they actually look like and imagined how a new life can arise on one of them.

After the navigation, they set on their work to create 3D solar system models.Because of the pandemic lock down they did some of the work at school and some at home.But in the end they succeed to create fantastic models.

The goal of this task strictly corresponds to the science and art class curriculum .It also helps to gain self-confidence, responsibility and be creative.  

Virtual Galaxy Trip

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