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Students will write a creative story from the eyes of a computer. This activity is for critical thinking and exchange of perspective (in native language). Students will use story board templates. Then they will illustrate the story and create a digital story book. They need creativity and imagination for this task.

Students from CEIP Maestro Juan de Ávila, Spain, created different digital stories using Book Creator and Storyjumper and have created comics with Pixton, too. Children have enjoyed creating these books and they have developed writing skills working together.

See below several examples of the books created.


At EB1/PE da Marinheira, Portugal, the challenge was launched to 3rd grade students to invent a short story related to technology or under the eyes of a computer or other electronic device.

Students started by elaborating the story in G Docs and making the illustrations in Paint. Then, they put it all together in the Book Creator where our library is available for everyone to read student’s stories.

Young writers ……… grow up

Digital Storytelling activities in the classroom are part of the logic of students learning paths. Students become protagonistes of their own learning process and can use  knowledge, skills and creativity .The activity involved the youngest students of primary school of Corporeno, 6 and 7 years old, classes 1D and 1E. 

The creation of an invented story required peer collaboration, collaborative learning also supports communication and interpersonal skills, collective problem solving, teamwork and leadership. These are relevant in all areas, including those related to citizenship and professional spheres. Writing stories by putting yourself in the shoes of others was engaging and encouraged critical thinking. Students had fun inventing stories illustrated and sharing them with friends.”

At Asagi Ciyanli Sehit Ahmet BirKac Ilkokulu, this activity is carried out by the 3. and 4. graders at schools. The students used the storyjumper platform to create their books. First a virtual class was created in storyjumper and then the students were invited. They created their story books mainly about computers but some others wrote on different themes. Some books were created collaboratively by two pupils some were created individually.It was a great fun for students to write and illustrate their own story book.

This activity is directly related to the Turkish class curriculum at school.And moreover reinforces the creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and imagination.

Learning 4 Tomorrow

is a project that focuses on cooperation and exchange of good practices between schools. The main goal of the project is to promote 4C’s (Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication). The project unites primary schools from LithuaniaFinlandItalySpainTurkey and Portugal.


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