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Students go field trips in nature around with their Ipads. They take photos and videos defining the season of the year. Students will prepare a digital wa<em>ll on padlet themed with season with the photos and videos. They will get acquainted with the appropriate tools and applications to work with the recorded material. This task will help the students to build and develop the so-called 21st-century skills, especially collaboration, teamwork, creativity, imagination, critical thinking and problem solving.</em>

With the relaxation of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic situation that the world has been experiencing, some schools decided to carry out the May activity: Take your Ipads, go out – Digital Wall on Padlet.

In May and June, Italian teachers from IC2 Giovanni Pascoli asked the to document the changes in nature. The period coincided with the relaxation of restrictions from Covid-19 and it gave the pupils the opportunity to live this important moment in freedom.

The students engaged themselves by photographing the wonders of nature that is reborn in the spring both in their gardens or houses and scattering around the countryside, during the first timid bicycle tours after a long period of quarantine. We saw in their shots the desire to start enjoying freedom again, to regain possession of their territory and all the gifts of nature.

Some pictures are also accompanied by small compositions, haiku, short poems that use sensory languages to capture a feeling or an image. They are often inspired by natural elements, a moment of beauty or an exciting experience.

Criado com o Padlet

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Primary students of Kelmes Aukuro pagrindine mokykla, Lithuania, also took pictures of nature…

… and made a beautiful video about the alphabet using natural elements.

During May and June, the students of Aşağı Çıyanlı Ş. Ahmet Birkaç İlkokulu already set out for the activity in the nature of their countryside. After the break from nature because of Covid 19 restrictions, this was the first appointment with the nature. Some took mobile phones and some took ipads to catch the incredible beauties of nature. Spring reflected its fabulous beauty on every single image taken. Like a newborn baby ,they have witnessed the re-awakening of nature. They have entriched the pictures with the quotes of famous people.

Criado com o Padlet

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At EB1/PE da Marinheira school, some students also registered elements of the island’s nature.

Criado com o Padlet

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The town of Pedro Muñoz have suffered a lot with Covid-19 and it was imposible to do this activity in May as planned. Then they have carried out this activity in autumn… Teachers and students went out in Nature to take pictures of the most important monuments, views and countryside. They took pictures with their tablets and prepared a digital wall on Padlet. 
In this Padlet you can see wonderful pictures in Pedro Muñoz with the colours in autumn.

Criado com o Padlet

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Students of Ruskilan Koulu Nakkilan Kunta also took pictures of elements of nature.

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