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As a way to get to know our partners better, we at EB1/PE da Marinheira school created a little game on the Quizizz platform about our friend’s schools, cities and countries. All questions are in English, which makes it even more difficult, but students love being able to respond quickly and earn points. It is a fun way to learn.

We believe this activity responds to one of the main goals of our project:

Create fun, engaging, immersive, and experiential learning activities among peers, groups, and individuals to reinforce the curriculum.

In ICT classes, 3rd and 4th graders have already tried the game and loved it. Gradually, the reality of schools and countries so far away is becoming closer. In this way, students are motivated to research and participate in activities that reinforce their literacy, developing reading and comprehension skills in English, as well as learning about Learning 4 Tomorrow partners.

For some time now, in ICT classes we have used Quizizz as a playful way to apply knowledge because it is a tool with enormous potential when applied to teaching.

Want to play the game?

See below some photos of Portuguese students playing Quizizz!

Learning 4 Tomorrow

is a project that focuses on cooperation and exchange of good practices between schools. The main goal of the project is to promote 4C’s (Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication). The project unites primary schools from LithuaniaFinlandItalySpainTurkey and Portugal.


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