Genius Hour: Treasure in Waste

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Students will create gifts from waste by reusing and recycling for Christmas. Creativity, imagination, individual and collective responsibility, comparison, attitude to materialistic will be important for this task.

In Spanish Christian Religion, Christmas is a gift because we celebrate Baby Jesus was born more than two thousand years ago. In Spain, it´s very typical to decorate houses, squares, buildings and schools with a Nativity Scene

Therefore, this year, we at CEIP Maestro Juan de Ávila, Spain, are going to reuse and recycle materials to  celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus.

We reuse bricks, eggs cartons, cardbords, fabrics, boxes… to  build our Nativity Scene. Baby Jesus, Virgin Mary and Joseph  with plastic bottles…etc…

You can see the process and the result of the GENIUS HOUR.



At EB1/PE da Marinheira, Portugal, students in the Arts and Crafts class decorated glass bottles with Christmas motifs. They used various techniques from stamping, gluing, cutting or painting. These are the gifts that they took home and that can be used to store little things around the house. They also made Christmas cards to offer to their families and decorated the Christmas Nativity Scene with recycled material.

The pupils of IC PASCOLI, Italy, worked, during Art and Religion hours, to create, as usual, some Christmas gifts to give to their families. With recycled materials, such as pine cones, wool, used ribbons, paper, twigs, buttons, they made little angels, Christmas trees, greeting cards, some with the pop up technique.

In every culture, exchanging gifts on New Year’s Eve is very important. This year these gifts are produced from the waste materials. The students of Ş. Ahmet Birkaç İlkokulu, Turkey, from 2nd to 4th grade has participated in this task.

Although the task was initally planned to be done at school, we had to carry out the activity via distance means because of Covid 19. However, it was a great fun and individual responsibility fort he students to be the part of this activitiy. All of them created gifts and some kinds of new things from the waste materials enthusiastically by heart. This activity not only help them to create new things but also to be aware of the protection of nature and environment.

By recycling the waste, the amount of waste will be reduced, the nature won’t be polluted and the economy will be contributed by reuse of waste materials.

The aim of this activity is to make students to use their creativity, imagination, act with individual and collective responsibility and to gain self-sufficiency skills. The students has recycled various materials such as plastic bottles, egg cartons, cans, jars, fabric. They created new materials at home and photographed the process. For the rest of the activity, they said some slogans about recycling and recorded their voice. We collected the work done by students on a Thinglink page.

Lithunian pupils from Kelmes Aukuro pagrindine mokykla made some beautiful art by reusing: threads, paper, plastic bottles, cans, egg holders, rollers of toilet paper, glass jars and etc.

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